The most powerful and accurate algorithms
on the market

We recognize
your emotions

Online Emotion patented technology offers the most comprehensive and accurate recognition of facial expressions and emotions and non-verbal behavior in the market.
Our technology was originally developed at The Ohio State University and includes more than 7 years of basic research.

facial articulations

8000 facial articulations
and 43 emotions

Our patented algorithms identify over 8,000 distinct facial articulations and 43 emotions, compared with the 7 or less typically detected by others. Our algorithms work in realistic conditions – at practically any pose, in different lighting and under partial occlusions. Our technology also recognizes other important facial configurations, like the “not face.”

Vascular response
as facial color

Our technology not only identifies emotion from facial articulations, but also from people’s vascular response. This vascular response is visible as facial color and may occur even when people mask their facial movements to avoid transmitting their sentiment. No other system has this capability.

High functionality

  • Using machine learning and deep learning, our technology recognizes your emotion by automatically interpreting facial expressions and other nonverbal behavior quickly and accurately.
  • Our solutions can be incorporated in any platform, object, and device.
  • Our system provides highly accurate 3D reconstructions of the face, even from a single 2D image, allowing the analysis of faces, expressions and emotions at practically any pose.

A unique feature that sets our technology apart, is its ability to work under a large number of natural and artificial illuminations as well as partial occlusions.

Database search engine

Our technology integrates with any web or database search engine. This allows users to search for specific people expressing emotions, e.g., “John Doe angry,” or someone with a specific facial configuration, e.g., “a women frowning”.

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